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HomeWoodworking Course

Documents For the Brock House Woodworking Course

These documents are all in PDF format.  Clicking on the links should display the document in any web browser.  Right-clicking on them will give you the option to download them to your computer.   If you have difficulty accessing them, send a message to us here.

1.  Designing and Building Your Own Project.  This is adapted from a woodworking course at Langara.  It covers basic steps in planning and completing a project.  Click here

2.  Basic Woodworking.  This is an abridged version of a woodworking text from the Valley Oaks Charter School.  It covers safety, drafting, measuring, joinery and finishing.  Click here

3.  Home Carpentry.  This is an abridged version of a book from Black and Decker that covers material similar to the others, but with an emphasis on materials, supplies and tools used in a workshop. Click here

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