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Workshop Health and Safety

Brock House Society Health and Safety Program

Volume 5:  Health and Safety Program for the Brock House Society Workshop
Version 8.0 02 October 2019

Below is the Table of Contents to the document: Volume Five of the Brock House Society Health and Safety Program.   The laws and requirements regarding health and safety established by federal, provincial and local governments pertaining to the Workshop differ to some degree from the requirements for the activities of Brock House Society in general.  This volume and the current version of the Workshop Rules and Expectations and the Workshop Orientation documents respond to those different requirements. For the full volume please download the pdf here: Volume 5 of Brock House Health and Safety Plan

Table of Contents

The contents of this volume are as follows:

Section 1   Policy

Section 2 Responsibility

Section 3 Checklists for Training and Inspection

Section 4 Applicable law and statutes

Section 5 List of Health and Safety Requirements from applicable documents

Please refer to the below documents as per the Brock House Health and Safety Plan:
Workshop Rules

Workshop Orientation - coming soon!

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