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Take Out Dinners
Patricia Brady
We order from La Notte in Dunbar - very good and Browns Social House. We live in Kits and are looking for something new to try. Any suggestions?
Truus Kotwal
It looks like you prefer western food, but if you want to try something more exotic, we like Sahel Persian restaurant on W. Broadway. They make good kebabs and humus. We were not fans of the stew. They are family operated and very friendly. We also like Pokeman on W. 10th. And also the Vietnamese sandwiches from Pure Delight Cafe on W. Broadway
Patricia Brady
Thanks Truus. Will give them a try. We do like all types of food just get really stuck in the places we know.
Ingrid Pinel

Hello my friend, Patricia

You have to live on the North Shore!

I could name so many wonderful take out restaurants. Come on over 😂😘

Susan Tees
Hi Patricia,
I'm up at Point Grey AND gluten free, but these might work for you too:

We've been enjoying Bombay Masala, fairly new but very good on Tenth.

We've enjoyed for years:

It's a tough time for restuarrants, so good to give them business.
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