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Favourite TV shows
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NASCAR on TSN or US network

IMSA on Velocity

F1 - if it's not the middle of the night - TSN

But seriously, thanks for the heads up about the crime dramas on Amazon Prime. I'll be looking for them. Bosch is there as well, by the way. I've really enjoyed that series. Thanks, Parker.

I'm always looking for new TV series to watch. Let me know what shows you like. Here are some of my favourites:

- Bosch - crime drama set in L.A. (on Crave)

- Borgen - political intrigue set in Denmark (on Netflix)

- The Wire - crime drama set in Baltimore (on Crave HBO)

- Hinterland - crime drama set in Scotland (on Netflix)

- For All Mankind - drama set in NASA and the moon (on Apple+)

- The Bridge - crime drama set in Sweden (on Amazon Prime)

- Line of Duty - crime drama set in England (on Amazon Prime)

- Boardwalk Empire - crime drama set in 1920s Atlantic City (on Crave HBO)

- Mare of Easttown - crime drama set in Pennsylvania (on Crave HBO)

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