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Hi Wendy,

Patricia and her team have a St. Pat's planned and it looks like it'll be a lot of fun. Look for info in this week's UPdate and the March issue of The Gallimaufry.

Hope to see you there

Nice to see you have made some friends on line. hope you are enjoying some of the Zoom programs, The Robbie Burns was a nice happy event. Look for more like this for St. Patricks Day.
Thanks BevAnn, Val and Sheila :)
See you all today at tea with Kevin (virtual event) if you have registered.
Yes, I'll see. I got email. I registered for todays' "tea with Kevin". Hope to see you there. :)
Thanks Wendy. I'm not fluent in spanish but I learned few sentences when I was in Colorado. But yes, I can speak english, hindi/urdu, german very well. Hope to talk to you soon :)
Welcome to Brock House, Noeen.
I'm wondering if you received the New Membership Information Package. I hope you'll find it to be helpful. Please don't hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.

Despite COVID, there are a lot of exciting programs being offered. I hope you can take advantage of them.

Membership Committee

Hi Noeen and welcome to Brock House!

As Val said, there's lots of Zoom programming. We sometimes have little chats before or after the talk, too. Hope to see soon.


Hi Noeen,

Welcome to Brock House! Are you going to participate in any of the Zoom programs? There are lots to choose from.
nice to see Spanish greeting. I am a beginner with desire to speak better,have travelled a lot in Latin America over the years. I am born in Calgary, but Vancouver is home. How about you. Where did you grow up. I envy people with languages. Wendy Trigg
Hi, I am noeen, new member of Brock House Society. I thought to say hello to all members and introduce myself and to get to know other members. Looking forward to seeing you in virtual meetings :)
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