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Banana Bread
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I stick the whole bananas in the freezer when they get old, squeeze the pulp out of the skin when unfrozen, and use them to make mini banana chocolate chip muffins with my grandchildren. But can also use them in smoothies instead of freezing them if not too far gone. Banana strawberry smoothie is yummy.

I didn't know bananas freeze well. Thanks for the tip, Truus!

Hi Truus,

Yes, I'll freeze them!
Don't throw them out. Mash and freeze them if you don't have time to bake right away.
Thank you Bsrbara. I'm going to make your recipe with the apricots. Sounds delish.
Hello: I attach my favourite banana bread recipe.

Hi Val!

I like my bananas on the green side but the mushy ones are great for toasted peanut butter and banana sandwiches. MMMMmmmmmmm


Here is one I found online - test, test
Does anyone have a good banana bread recipe? I'm always throwing out over ripe bananas, and it's such a waste. Some people use apple sauce for sweetening and moistness. Is that a good idea?
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