Become a member of Brock House Society

Members are always welcome to drop by Brock House during the week and join in on what’s happening.

  • Participate in a workshop or class
  • Sip on a beverage while enjoying the daily crossword puzzle
  • Play an impromptu game of cards in the second floor “look-out” nook
  • Play a game of pool or billiards
  • Eat a low-cost, nutritious lunch while enjoying the ocean view.
  • Read a newspaper, novel or magazine, or borrow a book in the library
  • Take a break from cooking and take home soups, quiches, and desserts – all reasonably priced and packaged to go
  • Join a social or recreational club and get involved in the activities

Members receive a 30% discount on food only at the Brock House Restaurant every evening, exclusive of holidays. This discount applies to members’ guests (no more than six) but may not be combined with any other Brock House Restaurant promotion. Reservations are required.

Fees are a low $60 per calendar year for anyone 55 years of age or older.