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FAQ - Legacy Giving

How will my gift be recognized by Brock House?

You might wish to remain anonymous and we respect that. However, we would ask you to consider one of our many recognition options. Your gift signals your personal commitment to the community and demonstrates leadership.

How do I leave a gift to Brock House Society?

It is easy and flexible with several giving options. The most common type of planned giving is a charitable gift through a bequest in a will. Gifts of a specific cash amount or asset or a percentage of the remaining estate are popular bequest choices.

You can leave a paid-up life insurance policy, securities, a retirement account or other financial investments. Some donors also give through property including real estate, jewelry or art.

What name should you include in your will to make a bequest to Brock House Society?

The legal name you should include in your will to make a bequest is Brock House Society.

What is Brock House Society’s Charitable Business Number?


Must I have an estate in order to leave a planned gift?

Everyone can leave a gift in an amount that they deem appropriate. “Estate” is simply a word used to describe everything that you own at the time of your passing. Every gift to Brock House Society helps strengthen our community and those at risk in the Lower Mainland.

Do I have to include my wish to leave a gift to Brock House Society in my will?

A charitable bequest will not take effect unless you state your intention in your will. A well-prepared, up-to-date will is one of the best ways you can make your wishes known so that your legacy is exactly what you want it to be.

Is making a will expensive and time consuming?

Making a will doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. It usually takes less time than most people think and can usually be completed in one or two short meetings. While sometimes there are reasons to make a more complicated Will, contact a notary or solicitor and ask for their estimations.

Do I tell Brock House Society that I’ve left a gift and the specifics?

No, you don’t have to disclose any details about your bequest. However, it would help us greatly in planning for the future programs and in recognizing your generosity. If you choose to inform us of your plans, it is not binding in any way.

Can I leave a legacy to fund a specific program?

Needs of the Brock House community change from time to time. For Brock House Society to have the flexibility to focus on the greatest need of the community, we encourage you to leave an undesignated gift. However, you can always direct your caring gift to a specific area or project or to Brock House Society’s highest priority needs. We would be delighted to provide you with appropriate bequest wording to help ensure your gift is used as you wished and directed to the fund or area you have chosen to support.

Can Brock House Society help me arrange for a gift?

While we will do everything, we can to assist you in creating a legacy gift for Brock House Society, we cannot offer legal advice or financial planning. A professional advisor, like a financial or estate planner, lawyer, accountant, trust officer or insurance agent, will be able to assist you in leaving a gift.

Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes, gifts are eligible for tax credits or tax deductions. However, the tax benefits will depend on several factors: the type of gift, the timing, outright or deferred or has any income payments. We encourage you to talk to professional advisors. They can advise you and help to ensure you realize the philanthropic goal while enjoy the maximum tax and legal benefits.

If I create a bequest, will Brock House Society to ask me for annual contributions?

We will because the commitments address two different needs. Through your annual gift, Brock House Society is able to help seniors stay active, happy and healthy. Last year, we invested and provided 450 programs in 26 communities to strengthen the community and create change.

However, to allow Brock House Society the ability to meet the challenges and opportunities in future, your planned gift is significant. It will allow us to help the most vulnerable members of our community for the generations to come.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a gifting option, please contact:

Kevin Inouye

(604) 228-1461 or