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Being a member at Brock House Society
provides a place to build lasting friendships.
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How to Join the Brock House Woodworkers

Any member of the Brock House Society with some experience with woodworking tools and machinery is eligible to join the Woodworkers group.  Those with no previous experience are welcome to contact us about some options to learn some basics.

All new members must attend an orientation to the shop, the tools and equipment, and the rules that govern the use of the shop.  This will take between 1 and 2 hours.

Some tools present extra risks to safety, or are easily damaged with misuse, and the use of these tools requires additional training.

Woodworkers are also required to sign a release form before using the shop, and are asked to review the shop rules.  You can look at the rules here.

If you have no previous experience with woodworking, but would like to contact us so we can discuss it.

To arrange orientation, contact us by one of the means shown on our contact page here.