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Being a member at Brock House Society
provides a place to build lasting friendships.
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Sing Along Group

The Brock House Sing Along group:

  • Meets every Monday afternoon for group singing
  • Weekly attendance fluctuates between 15 to 35
  • Accompanied by a pianist and a recorder player
  • Performs 10 times annually at 10 different seniors' facilities
For more information, contact Leora Williams at

Brock House Society Privacy Policy

Brock House, 3875 Point Grey Rd., Vancouver,  BC  V6R 1B3 | Phone: (604) 228-1461 | Email:

Society hours: Mon-Fri: 9:00am-4:00pm; ; Closed stat holidays.

To book events and make dinner reservations, contact the Brock House Restaurant at (604 )224-3317.