Brock House Restaurant

Brock House Restaurant

In 1974, when the Parks Board decided that Brock House would be preserved and restored, two proposals for use of the house were adopted: an activity centre for senior citizens and a public restaurant.

Brock House Society came into being and under the terms of its lease with the Parks Boards, holds a management agreement with the Brock House Restaurant. The society uses the house until 4 pm on weekdays and the restaurant uses it in the evenings and on weekends. Costs of maintenance and furnishings are shared. This arrangement requires the understanding and cooperation on the part of everyone who uses the house.

The management agreement between Brock House Society and the Brock House Restaurant is of mutual benefit. The restaurant is invaluable to the society since it provides a major source of revenue, and the society gives the restaurant a spectacular setting in which to operate.

Bookings for weddings, dinners and other evening and weekend events should be made through the restaurant at 604-224-3317

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